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We realised the need to develop competitive packages based on our own experiences of making Hajj & ‘Umrah with a number of different groups over the last decade or so. Either the packages were not entirely in accordance to the Qur’aan and authentic Sunnah, too expensive or lacking in service delivery. We drew on our religious, academic and working experiences, to strive to bring something new to the Hajj & ‘Umrah market.

We don’t deny that we are a new provider but overcome this by only working with experienced partners who are ATOL & IATA protected and approved by the Ministry of Hajj. This ensures your ‘peace of mind’ and ‘financial security’ as well as ours!

Additionally, we don’t just want to get you to Saudi Arabia and sit back, rather, we intend to organise sittings with scholars and students of knowledge, and visitations to religious, educational and historical sites. Hence, we intend to be available throughout the package to cater for your requirements.

We work vigorously to find the most competitive deals on behalf of our clients and in shaa’ Allaah, we will try our best to make your experience one which you remember with fondness for many years to come.

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12 Days

Brief tour description Oasis Hajj & Umrah Ltd is delighted to introduce Ramadan Umrah Package, 12 DAYS OF RAMADAN  2024 Pacakge includes: – Flights as below with Royal Jordanian Airlines: 14 Mar 24 RJ112 LHR – AMM 16:05 – 00:05 15 Mar 24 RJ722 AMM – MED 01:10 – 03:00 26 Mar 24 RJ705 JED […]
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Rituals Pilgrims Perform During the Days of Hajj

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8th Dhul Hijjah

  • Remove unwanted hair, clip nails etc
  • Perform Ghusl or at least make Wudhu
  • Wear Ihram garments
  • Pray 2 raka’at (optional)
  • Make intention for Hajj as you start to make your way to Mina by reciting the Talbiyah:
    Talbiyah in Arabic

Labbayka Allaahumma labbayk, labbayka laa shareeyka laka labbayk, innal-hamda wan-ni’mata laka wal-mulk, laa shareeyka lak

“Here I am, O Allaah, here I am. Here I am, you have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise and blessings, and all sovereignty are Yours. You have no partner.”

Once in Mina, pray each prayer shortened and at its respective time
Spend the night here

9th Dhul Hijjah (Day of Arafat)

  • Pray Fajr
  • Make your way to ‘Arafat any time after sunrise 1
  • Pray Zhur & Asr shortened & combined (jam’ taqdeem)
  • Stay on the plain of ‘Arafat until sunset & engage in intense supplication
  • After sunset, head to Muzdalifa 2
  • Pray Maghrib & Isha shortened & combined (jam’ ta’khir)
  • Collect some pebbles for stoning
  • Spend the night here

10th Dhul Hijjah (Day of Sacrifice/Eid)

  • Pray Fajr
  • Engage in supplication and after sunrise head towards the Jamaraat

NOTE: Consult your group scholar regarding the order of the following rituals:

  • Pelt the big jamaraat only with 7 pebbles
  • Slaughter an animal (Hadiy)
  • Shave/trim your hair

Note: The Talbiyah stops upon the 1st pebble throw of the jamaraat

  • Head to Makkah and perform Tawaf al-Ifadah, pray 2 rakat sunnah behind Maqam Ibrahim, drink zamzam & perform Sa’ee
  • Return to Mina before Fajr of the next day

11th Dhul Hijjah

  • Pray Fajr
  • Collect remaining pebbles
  • Pelt all 3 jamaraat with 7 pebbles each (21 total)
  • Return to Mina camp
  • During the stay in Mina, pray each prayer shortened and at its respective time

12th Dhul Hijjah

  • Pray Fajr
  • Pelt all 3 jamaraat with 7 pebbles each (21 total)
  • If you have opted to leave Mina, depart before sunset


  • Remaining pilgrims, return to Mina camp
  • During the stay in Mina, pray each prayer shortened and at its respective time

13th Dhul Hijjah

  • Pray Fajr
  • Pelt all 3 jamarat with 7 pebbles each (21 total)
  • Depart Mina


What our

customers say


Amin, Egham

"If I sincerely wish the best for my brother as I would wish for myself, as the hadith goes, I cannot stop recommending this Hajj package as the best that I have come across (and believe me, I searched far and wide before making my choice). Firstly, besides the general logistical issues and hotel accommodation on offer there is nothing that can replace having a dedicated team of organisers take it upon themselves to give you the best possible care at every step of your Hajj experience as they did it for me. It was this peace of mind of knowing that I was in sound hands that made it possible for me to be able to focus considerably more on my ritual duties to Allaah during my whole Hajj. Secondly, the overall cost of the Hajj package came at a very competitive price and as I discovered later, it was money well spent in every sense of the word. Remember, there are many Hajj agencies out there but there are very few that can make you feel as you’re part of one Hajj family."

Eesa, Derby

May Allaah bless you all for your efforts and being excellent group leaders. It was my first time on Umrah and to Mecca and Madina. You made me feel instantly at ease. The emails you were sending prior to the trip were just right.  Nice amount at the right time as not to overwhelm. The tours we went on were quality. Very inciteful without taking too long. It was a nice balance of activities planned as not to take away from reason we were there, worship.
Driss, Belgium

Driss, Belgium

"My journey to Hajj with Oasis was a very exceptional experience. The flight and the hotel were very comfortable and welcoming. I got to achieve my Hajj and enjoyed myself at the same time. It’s to do again!” (In shaa’ Allaah)"
Abu Salmaa, Birmingham

Abu Salmaa, Birmingham

"...My gratitude and du’aas go out to all our brothers at Oasis Hajj & Umrah. I can only summarise here the experience of my Hajj journey with Oasis Hajj & Umrah, and this is truly a summary, but what I would conclude is that if I had to go to Hajj again knowing what I know now, the fact that they fulfilled their promises to the best of their abilities, I would gladly choose them again and sincerely recommend to anyone going on Hajj to choose Oasis Hajj & Umrah."


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